Worm Numbers

Worm Numbers



Let me introduce you this nice little caterpillar - this funny creature is ready to play with you. You need to help the caterpillar to collect all numbers and become a beautiful buttefly! Worm Numbers help kids to learn about numbers and develop their hand eye coordination and stimulate their puzzle solving skills. The great thing about this game is that it intelligently develops a lot of skills at the same time. Learning has never been so mobile!

HOW TO PLAY Your goal is to collect the numbers in sequence. Just tap numbers and watch how caterpillar gets bigger! But it’s not going to be that easy…you should avoid different obstacles such as leaflets, bugs, ladybirds which will try to prevent you to collect all numbers in the correct order! When you’ll see the beautiful butterfly on the playing field – it means that all caterpillar was collected! Good job!

FEATURES of Worm Numbers:
- Unique early learning game with fun sounds and high quality pictures; 
- Increasing difficulty as your child progresses through the game; 
- Nice and calm sound effects and music; 
- Good test for finger training and reaction skills; 
- Must have app for parents to educate child. 

FOR PARENTS Spend some time training your kid’s attention - our game allows to learn numbers quick and easy. Improve child’s thinking and come to enjoy this amazing educational game together with your children!