World Map Puzzle

World Map Puzzle



Here is an astonishing chance to be the Creator a bit and to compound the whole world as a puzzle. The countries represented as pieces with sui generis forms resembling their real borders need to be combine to the whole continents. Add all 54 states to Africa, fill the Eurasian mainland up and learn how the countries of the Earth look like in World Map Puzzle.

HOW TO PLAY: Initially there is a blank map of certain continent and a panel with the countries-pieces. Every country is crowned with its flag, for convenience. The goal is to place these pieces on the blank map according to their veritable positions. There are 4 different levels: North America, South America, Africa and Eurasia. More by token, World Map Puzzle suggests you a theoretical mode with the colored political map of each mainland with the basic particular qualities of each country such as: its capital, area, population, official language etc.

World Map Puzzle features:
- Superordinary puzzle format of the world scale;
- 4 various continents and about 180 sundry states;
- 2 modes: a theoretical interactive map and a puzzle itself.

Became the kind of plastic surgeon and sew this virtual blank maps of continents into multicoloured likenesses of the real ones in World Map Puzzle!