World Atlas For Kids

World Atlas For Kids



The Earth is our common home. And we should know our neighbours well. Let's find out what species inhabit our world with a new educational application World Atlas For Kids. Nature has lots of wonders and mysteries and we can make a little discovery every day!

World Atlas For Kids is a perfect developmental app for even little kids. Your child can learn about different animals and their habitats while enjoying bright and colorful pictures. Capture imagination of your children with our wonderful Atlas and they will get new knowledge easily and willingly.

How To Use
World Atlas For Kids is a wonderful educational and developmental application. Launch the app and start to explore our planet. You will see a physical map of the Earth. You can find there all continents and climate zones with their inhabitants.
Tap on the animal and read reference information. You will learn animal species and characteristics and meet lots of interesting and unusual facts.

World Atlas For Kids FEATURES
- Perfect educational app for every kid
- Let your child make his first discoveries
- Bright colors and wonderful design - check out this cute animals
- Detailed world map
- Interesting information about every animal

It's time to start learning geography and zoology! Make your first steps on the scientific path with World Atlas For Kids!