US Presidents

US Presidents



Oftentimes there are lapsuses concerning American presidents. Some people affirm that Richard Nixon became the first US president, others contemplate that George Washington was an extraterrestrial. So many fables and malarkeys! Let the US Presidents Study Guide app turn to your personal conductor into the history of stars-and-stripes leaders.

How to get acquainted with the US president:
US Presidents Study Guide suggests you learning both the past of US presidency and personalities of the nation heads as well as both The Declaration of Independence and its basic actuality that everybody should know. Learn all about the history of the USA and test yourself afterwards with a classy kind of quizes.

FEATURES of US Presidents Study Guide:
- The essential collection of the American leadership from The Declaration of Independence to the 21st century;
- Theoretical part and practice at the same time;
- The entire text of the Declaration;
- Basic facts about all American presidents with the special link.