Unblock It

Unblock It



One day you wake up and can't remember, what has happened yesterday. But the most terrible thing is that you are blocked in your own room. Adventures begin with Unblock It app. You should remove furniture to get out of your room. There are many games related with pyramids and dungeons, but escaping from your own room can be sometimes real challenge. Unblock It is combination of sliding puzzle and adventure game. You want to find the way out of this terrible house, but when you open the next door, you see another room, which is also full of furniture. Don't despair and work deftly to break free.

HOW TO PLAY: The goal of the game is to get out of the room by moving furniture out of the way. Use arrow keys on the screen to move different objects. Vertical blocks can move only up and down and horizontal ones can move only side to side.

Key Features of Unblock It: - 150 levels of different complexity;
- The number of moves needed to make a clear path is counted, so you can set your own records;
- Different settings to customize this original puzzle (you can chose the theme and set music);
- 2 types of objects as obstacles;
- Simple control: use arrow keys to move different objects.

If you want to know, who tries to get rid of you, find the way out of this house, which is the real labyrinth! Unblock It infuses new life into block puzzles.