UFO Typing

UFO Typing



UFO Typing app lets master the technique of fast typing using all your ten fingers without watching the keyboard. Modern people spend all their life at the computer. Every day, either working or chatting with friends we need to use the keyboard in order to write something. Do you want to improve your typing skills, save the time and work efficiently? Our application will allow you to achieve this goal in a very funny and easy way! Type the letters and save the spaceman from the aliens!

HOW TO PLAY: You should type the letters written next to the spaceman helping him to run away from aliens. Typing the right letters, you destroy stones that form a barrier and don't let the spaceman run away. Try your best! Good luck!

UFO Typing features:
- Mastering touch typing;
- The possibility to increase your work efficiency;
- Several levels; easy, medium, hard, timed, endless;
- Hilarious animation;
- Background music; the possibility to switch it off;
- Easy to use, funny way to learn;
- Change the language; opportunity to switch English to "Alien".

Improve your typing skills with UFO Typing right now! Learn to type fast in the most funny way!