Touristic Taboos Guide

Touristic Taboos Guide



Every tourist should keep in mind: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It's truly impossible to remember all cultural peculiarities and specific traditions or customs of different countries you are going to visit. So you definitely need our Touristic Taboos Guide - helpful and easy way to learn all necessary information about your touristic destination. 

HOW TO USE: Launch the application, choose the country you'd like to learn about and get full information considering what you surely should not to do travelling through this state. Moreover, every article contains a lot of information about chosen country and its cultural features. 

Touristic Taboos Guide features:
- Wide list of countries to choose;
- Full information about each country's culture and traditional peculiarities; 
- Easy and convenient way to observe all unwritten rules of different peoples;
- Your personal assistant to polite and attentive behaviour during your trip.

Travel abroad confidently and be sure you are the most informed tourist all over the world with our Touristic Taboos Guide!