Tiny Animals - Match Pairs

Tiny Animals - Match Pairs



Welcome to a brilliant link game where you need to connect the animals in pairs before the timer runs out. Each level gets a little more difficult as the timer decreases so matching becomes a race against time! So, can you become a master of Tiny Animals – Match Pairs Prof?

Tap as many pair animal pictures as you can! You can tap vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. But remember, your time is limited!

If you get stuck there are four hints for you, but don't waste them on the early levels!

FEATURES of Tiny Animals – Match Pairs Prof:

- Time and moves indicator
- Several useful hints to help you win the game
- Your kids will love animated background and animal pictures
- Great deal of levels with increscent difficulty
- The most challenging matching game among all puzzles and riddles games

Make your child busy and happy playing our game! It's a great chance to learn animals and improve attentiveness!