Test Your French

Test Your French



Test Your French - Language Master is a great educational game that contains lots of tricky questions. It provides over 100 questions for learners who have different levels of language proficiency.

With Test Your French - Language Master you can improve your knowledge about grammatical categories and refresh several French grammar themes. Do your best – answer correctly as many questions as you can to earn the highest score!

How To Play.
Select a mode: easy, medium, hard or crazy. Choose one answer to a question. Put your knowledge to a test and try to answer it correctly! Each game lasts 10 questions.

Test Your French - Language Master features:
- It's your personal French language examiner with dozens of questions;
- The educational app that is well-designed and created for enjoyable French lessons;
- There are lots of questions to several grammar categories;
- Multilingual interface;
- It's a handy way to learn language.

Strengthen your grasp of French grammar answering our app’s questions!
Turn spare time into study time with one of the best learning games Test Your French - Language Master!