Tans Puzzle

Tans Puzzle



Tans Puzzle is a kind of world-popular classic Chinese puzzle which is used in primary school to teach geometry. The goal of this dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called usually tans, is to put them all together and form various figures.

Tans are set on the screen in a random manner. Think for a moment and begin to form a shape you need using all seven pieces. Be attentive — they may not overlap!

Playing our «Tans Puzzle» you improve not only your logic and memory skills but also geometry shapes knowledge and imagination! Try to guess what animal it is need to make now!

Tans Puzzle features:
- Addictive world-known gameplay;
- Brain teasing puzzle for everyone;
- Perfect time killer.

Begin to playTans Puzzle now! Of course, it can be harder than it sounds! Nevertheless download this game on your iPhone and iPad and try a hand in solving this curious puzzle!