Sudoku Picture Puzzles

Sudoku Picture Puzzles



Welcome to Sudoku Picture Puzzles! Just look at it — no more boring numbers and unimpressive design — we want to offer you colorful cosmic logic-based puzzle game which is suitable almost for everyone! Sudoku game in new creative gameplay! 

HOW TO PLAY: follow the classic Sudoku game rules except for one detail: in the Sudoku Picture Puzzles game you won’t find any numbers, there are different pictures and signs instead of them! Fill in the empty cells of the grid with pictures. But the Sudoku game isn't that simple: every row, every line and every sub-grid should content different pictures!

Enjoy entertaining logic game offline! Sudoku train your brain – choose logic games to have a good time! 

Sudoku Picture Puzzles features:
- The new gameplay of a classic Sudoku game; 
- Brain training app;
- New space design in Sudoku Puzzle game! 

Play Sudoku puzzle free wherever you are with the puzzle game! Sudoku Picture Puzzles game is a new vision of a classic Sudoku game! Train your brain and have fun!