Someday every person asks himself a question: am I actually the smart one or the stupid one? Now you have a great chance to know that for sure! We've made this Stupid Test 2014 special for those people: now you can test your IQ, wits, memory and reflexes at the same time! Let’s check your logical thinking, smart thinking and enjoy fun memory train quiz!

HOW TO USE: Tap to select a level difficulty. There are easy, medium and hard levels. Read questions and choose answers! You can also select one of the music themes! There are no clues and the time is limited: you have only 20 seconds for each question! Stupid Test 2014 is a funny brain quest with a lot of interesting and sometimes complicated questions that will identify your mental acuity and knowledge! All you have to do is read the question and tap the answer which you think is right. It sounds very easy, doesn't it? So don't worry, there's no bad result... at least we hope so. Good luck!


Stupid Test 2014 features:
- 3 types of levels difficulty: from Easy to Hard;
- More tricky questions to answer;
- You can choose a music theme;
- Refreshed design with better graphics!


Pass our Stupid Test 2014 and show everyone how smart you are! Our app makes you think outside a box and have a lot of fun! You can ask your friends and folks to pass this test too and compare the results!