Straight Estimation Test

Straight Estimation Test



Straight Estimation Test is a game developed to check and improve your eye estimation skills. Eye estimation is your ability to tell the size or distance of an object comparing to other objects without using any measuring devices. Having a good eye estimation is important for architects, painters, geologist and many other professions. Actually we all use it every day when driving car! 

So download Straight Estimation Test and try to complete or find the center of geometric figures. Different activities which will help to develop your eye estimation and attentiveness are waiting for you!

How to play:
Read the task and complete it. There's a big variety of tasks to do:
- find the center of the figure
- find the point of intersection of lines
- draw the angle
- finish the figure 
Tap the screen to move the aim. Your accuracy will be displayed on the screen. 

Straight Estimation Test features:
- develop your eye estimation and attentiveness
- various tasks to complete
- simple to use - just tap the screen and drag the aim
- check your accuracy in percentages

Download our Straight Estimation Test and improve your attentiveness and eye estimation completing interesting tasks. You won't notice the time passing while doing this captivating test!