Spider Puzzle

Spider Puzzle


Spider Puzzle, logical thinking,
Spider Puzzle, logical thinking,
Spider Puzzle, logical thinking,


New interesting game Spider Puzzle for exciting pastime! It suits for everybody who wants to spend the great time profitably. Such a cognitive app develops your logical thinking and attention as well as introduces a great number of the most ancient creatures. It is for those who have always dreamt to be a collector, respect collecting stamps or just like to collect puzzles! Get pleasant emotions and find out a new wonderful world of such spiders as: orb-weaver spider, barn spider, wasp spider, black widow, brown recluse, wolf spider, jumping spider, tarantula.

How to play: First of all, check the attention; find the pieces of your future stamp. Remember: there are also extra pieces. Then, gather pieces together and look what you’ve got. Learn new species of spiders!

Spider Puzzle features:
- Amazing graphics, bright colors;
- Background music, the opportunity to play the game with or without background music;
- Easy to understand rules; -The possibility to improve your attention;
-The possibility to learn names of spiders;
- The possibility to improve your searching skills;
- Time trial! Feel as you are a collector!

Create your album of cognitive stamps! Spend the time with a joy! Play Spider Puzzle!