Solar System Zoom

Solar System Zoom



Solar system is a wonderful place to live. Look how many interesting things there are around you! Some of them are small, others are enormous. Would you like to look at them and to get to know them better? A wizard and an astronomer will help you!

Solar System Zoom app can show you everything is real scale. You can see what is bigger and what is smaller and how big or small the objects are. After studying this app you will be able to say how big an elephant is or how small a bacterium is. You can also see some fantastic creatures: dragons, dwarves and so on.  

HOW TO USE: Zoom and look at those objects and creatures that are smaller than you and at those ones that are bigger than you. See grains of sand, mice, countries and planets! Read interesting facts about them and tell to your friends!

Solar System Zoom features:
- Good education app for kids and adults;
- Real scales;
- Many facts about the world around you;
- Study both fairy world and real world.

Solar System Zoom app will bring you a lot of joy! Become happier and cleverer!