Snake Break

Snake Break



Prepare your brain for a very hard work: Snake Break is here to make you think.
Look! Lots of snakes are creeping out of bushes! Take these fidgety creatures under control and show your agility. All the snakes are different but they have one and the same goal - to glide away from the screen. Change the snakes' directions and avoid them "overload" the playing field.

HOW TO PLAY: Move the snake and change its direction. Let it reach the bottom of the screen and think about the next one! Try to avoid the "overload" of the playing filed, otherwise your game will be over.

Snake Break main features:
- Classic old school game with.. snakes;
- Develop your agility and improve your logic skills;
- Think up new strategies to get more scores;
- Enjoy the colofrul 2D graphics;
- Try a perfect time killer;
- Compete with your friends and become the best snake "trainer"!