Scratch Animal Guess

Scratch Animal Guess



Everyone likes animals. Friendly dogs, funny chimps, beautiful swans, fast cheetahs, majestic elephants, strong tigers… Animals are our friends. Do you know them well?

Let’s see if you recognize a bald eagle once you see one on a picture. 

The game features amusing hidden images of animals so you cannot see the picture. You can only see some parts оf it. Then you guess the animal by choosing the right variant out of four. If you choose a wrong answer, you’ll lose points. But if you guess all the animals right, you’ll get a high score.

HOW TO PLAY: Start with choosing a difficulty mode. The harder it is, the less details about an animal you’ll see, so the guessing will be more challenging. Then you see an image covered with layer. Swipe the screen – it looks like scratching a lottery ticket with a coin – and you’ll see some details of the hidden animal. The area you can scratch out is limited. Choose the parts to reveal wisely to make the right decision and guess the animal. Then choose the answer out of the four offered options. Get points for right answers.

Scratch Animal Guess features:
- Adorable images of animals drown by our designers;
- A quiz game about different animals: birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and more;
- 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard;
- A great mind challenge to test one’s knowledge about wild life.

The game makes kids curios about animals and encourages them to discover the world of nature. Scratch Animal Guess is an easy and playful way to both have fun and study.