Science Bookworm: Free Books to Read Fire Reader

Science Bookworm: Free Books to Read Fire Reader



Science Bookworm is a portable book collection of famous scientists such as Max Plank, Galileo Galilei, Friedrich Nietzsche and others. This app can afford you a great choice of different scientific works, which divided from physics and math to psychology and philosophy.  Stay tuned for the new books because Science Bookworm's library is constantly updating! Spend time with pleasure and benefit to your mind, reading great works of world's eminent scientists!

HOW TO USE: look through the authors, pick the book you want and start reading.

Science Bookworm features:
- Famous and popular authors and books;
- Short descriptions and annotations;
- Constant updates;
- Convenient reading system.

Gift yourself with the miraculous opportunity to dissolve in the world of science!