School Timetable

School Timetable



We all are living in the age of digital progress and already used to digital books and schedules. But what do you think about having a digital School Timetable for easy study? 

School Timetable is what you were looking for such a long time. It’s really perfect for school or university students because now you don’t have to carry old-fashioned paper timetable. Everything about your study is always in your hands now! School Timetable is a unique study helper. Create a schedule in your device and follow it easily. It is simple to note down your lessons and homeworks because of wonderfully designed interface. It sounds funny but now you just don’t even have a chance not to do your homework because there are smart notifications that will always remind you of what is done and what should be done today. 

Just imagine how convenient and time-saving it is to have everything collected in one app! You couldn’t even think that your study can be this amazing and easy. Get rid of old papers with schedules and homework tasks in your room! School Timetable is the only way to solve paper problem!

School Timetable features:
- Outstanding and multifunctional study helper
- Wonderfully designed interface
- Schedule creating tool
- Smart notifications 
- Address book of your classmates
- Take down your notes

School Timetable is all what you need for you study if you want to get the highest possible grades and always remember your schedule and homework.