School Quest

School Quest



School life is not easy, but for most of us it was a wonderful time, time of discoveries, great facts, challenging tasks and interesting lessons. Now you can dive in atmosphere of school anytime with a new educational game School Quest! The advantage of this addicting game is that you even if you don't pass the test for the first time you can always try again – and there will be no punishment for your A! ;) School Quest can help you to refresh your knowledge and prepare to real tests and exams as well as to help you to remember the school adventures if you have already graduated. The test consists of many challenging questions for different subjects and interesting tasks that will never let you get bored. Improve your results and find out how it feels to be a real geek!

HOW TO PLAY: there are several grades, as in a real school. To complete each of them you will need to pass several tests. The marks are also similar to school ones, you should have not less than C to pass. So take your time and remember, that tests become more and more difficult!

School Quest features:
- Realistic school tests simulator;
- Lots of interesting tests;
- Many different subjects;
- A fun way to prepare for tests and exams;
- Entertaining and educational app at the same time.