SAT Exam - Critical Reading

SAT Exam - Critical Reading



SAT Exam is a very important event in practically everyone’s life. If you pass it well, you can enter the university you like and then get a job you like. But if you won’t pass the exams well, you will lose many opportunities!

SAT Exam – Critical Reading app is a perfect choice for everyone who is finishing school and wants to prepare for SAT Exam! 

There are two modes:
-    Test mode
-    Time mode

In the first mode you only have to take a test, no matter how much time it will take, and in the second one your time is limited! Try to be quick and smart! Wish you good luck!

SAT Exam – Critical Reading features:
-Prepare for the Critical Reading exam;
-Good practice for everyone;
-Two modes;
-Real SAT tasks.

SAT Exam – Critical Reading: pass all the tests, do all the tasks and be ready for your exams!