Safe Breaker – Tricky Combinations

Safe Breaker – Tricky Combinations



Don’t you know how to spend your free time? Who would have thought a day’s work could be this much fun? Are you full of puzzles and riddles games?  Do you really think that lockpick is an easy task? Not at all! Safe Breaker is a lockpick game for fans of breaking games. Break all safes in new Safe-Breaker game for your phone. It is easy enough – use your concentration and find out the right position. 

HOW TO PLAY: Feel yourself as a master of breaking in Safe Breaker! Controls are simple – turn your lockpick until you will open the safe and win the game! You’ll need to collect all tour concentration and precision to have a success! So, what you are waiting for? It is one of the best breaking games ever! Download this app and start Break-Safe with pleasure! Come enjoy!

Safe Breaker – Tricky Combinations features:
- Stunning 3D graphics;
- Real life sound effects;
- Simple control.

You’ll need to collect all your attention and precision to be the best! Safe Breaker is the game for kids and adults – for every fan of breaking games! Use your concentration or find the correct combination and get in! Don’t miss this app! Let’s try together!