Reactor For Two

Reactor For Two



Great fun for the smart people with quick and nimble fingers! Awesome interesting action game 2 Player Reactor - is an incredible multiplayer game full of challenging logic puzzles for you and your friends. Test your knowledge by means of mathematical, grammatical and puzzle-solving mini games.

HOW TO PLAY: Compete with your friends at the same device solving different logic problems. Your goal is to get the right answer faster than your competitor. Be quick, push the button and train your brain! 2 Player Reactor is a great choice if you are looking for cool party games. Win all the mini games and prove an absolute power of your mind!

Reactor For Two features:
- Amazing reaction test;
- For all fans of the brain teaser puzzles;
- Ultimate fun with friends;
- Easy control: just tap the screen if the statement is right;
- Perfect for killing time;
- Wonderful entertaining game for kids and adults.

Challenge your friends to a battle of reflexes, wits and knowledge in puzzling games for 2 players!