Rainbow Puzzle

Rainbow Puzzle



Come on, there is an Eldorado for designers and artists. Let us introduce to you a taintless multicoloured world - Rainbow Puzzle. Make your own type of versicolor arc and turn this leaden reality around into motley sparkling fable. Pass all levels and cognize the whole hues and dyes matrix!

HOW TO USE: Range the colours one by one, determine all tints and tones correctly, group them to call your rainbow spectrum into existence and solve all puzzles and conundrums.

Rainbow Puzzle features:
- A quaint appearance of classic puzzles; 
- Enlightenment into design art and entertainment at the same time; 
- A fivescore of levels and up to 50 miscellanious colours, dyes and tints.

Make your own extraordinary kind of rainbow, paint it into half-a-hundred tones and become a designer with an omnifarious view!