Puppy Care

Puppy Care



Puppies are so restless! They run, jump, play with each other and gnaw everything. Of course they can INJURE themselves while playing or trying to climb somewhere. Your little fluffy friend got hurt and now is crying. Cure him! Provide the best CARE for your pet in your own DOCTOR office and make the puppy happy! Let your little dog play and have fun again!

This is your animal HOSPITAL. Choose a puppy to CURE. You can give it a name and type it. Puppy is dirty and injured. Examine your cute patient and choose the proper TREATMENT. You can give it pills, do an X-ray, give an injection, treat a wound, cut the claws, wash and comb it and do many other things. You can even choose the accessories for it like costume or shoes! Stroke puppy to calm him. After your treatment it'll become pretty and will bark happily. 

Puppy Care FEATURES:
- Lots of options to treat puppies: give pills, do X-ray, give injection, treat wounds, cut claws, wash, comb etc.
- 5 different dog breeds
- Nice graphics - kids will surely like the cute puppies!
- Different sound effects: puppy's sad whining and happy barking, sound of heartbeat and working X-ray 
- animal vet treating app

Become a good VET doctor for your pet! Diagnose puppies and cure them using different doctor's equipment. It's like a real VET HOSPITAL! Make restless little dogs healthy and happy. Let them jump, play and enjoy life!

This is an animal treating app which will teach your children responsibility, kindness and care. Let your kids learn how to take care of animals.