Portuguese Study Daily

Portuguese Study Daily



Portuguese Study Daily is the perfect educational app for everyone who always wanted to study foreign languages but never started. Start to learn Portuguese right now and go through our practicable and helpful courses! Portuguese Study Daily app contains all basic language rules you need - from alphabet and pronounciation to subtle differences between similar words and useful tips "how to say". Study Portuguese and check your knowledge wherever you go with this amazing app! 

How To Use: language rules are divided into several units dedicated to different parts of Portuguese grammar, for example pronounciation rules, Portuguese verbs and pronouns, word order and articles. Every unit contains explications of corresponding rules and test to check your knowledge. Choose a particular topic or subtopic, read the rule and get a test. Afterwards you will see the diagram of correct and incorrect answers. 

Portuguese Study Daily features: 
- basic Portuguese grammar with comprehensible explications; 
- helpful course for beginners and tourists; 
- test after each topic allows to strenghten your knowledge; 
- test results shown in diagrams are very informative and demonstrative.