Plus Plus

Plus Plus


Plus Plus, train your brain,
Plus Plus, train your brain,
Plus Plus, train your brain,


Math is a foundation for the most sciences and no doubt that everyone needs math skills in everyday life. Plus Plus is a new exciting brain teaser game that will help you either develop counting skills or improve them. Perfect app for both kids and adults! sharpen your brain with the help of Plus Plus app.

You can test you math and counting skills with the Arabic Numerals or Roman Numerals! And ultimate challenge awaits you in mixed mode. Hurry up and train your brain if you are not scared!

HOW TO PLAY: You can see the field full of numbers. Your goal is to lay them together and get a sum as in the top of the field. Your time is limited and you have to think really quickly!
Let’s start your training right away. Try to get high score!

Choose the play mode:
 - Arabic numerals;
 - Roman Numerals; 
 - Mixed Mode.

Plus Plus features:
- Perfect brain teaser;
- Real challenge for all math lovers;
- Choose one of the play modes – Arabic Numerals, Roman Numerals, Mix;
- Incredible time trial.

Sharpen your mind and train everyday with Plus Plus! Plus Plus – perfect counting trainer!