Pin And Draw

Pin And Draw



Do you remember your first writing training? Do you want to remember your childhood and to test if you could do it better now? Then you should try Pin And Draw Game, it's a perfect game for those who want to improve their visual memory and writing skills. If you think this is a childish game, you're completely wrong, it might be very captivating even if you're fifty years old, and it's quite possible that your child will manage better then you with this task!

HOW TO PLAY: Remember the shape which was shown to you and try to draw it by yourself. You have several pins which you can use to mark the edges of the shape, tap draw button to draw the shape and done button will show you the result. Try to be very accurate and precise! You also can choose one of two modes of playing: to draw shapes or to draw letters (this one also can be used to learn alphabet with your child).

Pin And Draw Game features:
-Two playing modes – draw shapes or letters;
-Test your memory and accuracy;
-Try to set a new record;
-Perfect writing training for your child;
-Drawing board for kids.

Remember the time then you draw strange things on the margin of your notebook and try to do it in a new way with Pin And Draw Game, or use it to learn letters with your child, anyway you'll enjoy this colorful and bright game which returns you in the time of your childhood!