Prehistoric Fish Bones

Prehistoric Fish Bones



Travelling through the time is always a challenge. Especially if you travel in a past. What can you see there? Who can you meet? Let's make it clear! Now you should dig up the tracks of prehistoric epoch and a remote past. There were times full of amazing fishes and the other water creatures. Let's find all of their skeletons and fossils, it's interesting.

HOW TO PLAY: Become a real paleontologist! So, you should find all fish bones and put them together to get a complete skeleton. But be careful there are many excess bones, which you don't need.

There are a lot of prehistoric creatures you can meet:
- Bothriolepis
- Dunkleosteus 
- Guiyu
- Leedsichthys and many others.

Prehistoric Fish Bones features:
- Multi-level educational game of prehistoric life;
- Many interesting beings you've never met before;
- A great opportunity to drown into paleontology;
- Pristine challenge for kids and adults.

Complete this prehistoric puzzle and contribute to the paleontology and with Prehistoric Fish Bones!