Pairs Matching

Pairs Matching



Play and learn with one the cutest games for kids Cute Memory Match! Prove your expert attention span and concentration skills! 
Cute Memory Match is an excellent brain training test for preschoolers and school children. If you can't concentrate on lessons in class or forget to do your home tasks on time, this app is a perfect fit for you! Train your brain since your childhood!

HOW TO PLAY: Cute Memory Match is a popular old school game with the well-known rules. The goal is to find pairs while opening the cards with the cutie kittens, puppies and other funny animals. Be attentive and try to find the identical pics as fast as possible to break the high score again and again!

Cute Memory Match features:
– The game is designed for children – simple interface, high-quality graphic and nice pictures will keep them entertained for a long time;
– It's a simple , but still a very useful memory trainer for kids;
– Different levels of difficulty – game for kids from the kindergarten and second graders!

Cute Memory Match – funny learning tournaments for free! Boost your memory!