1Day 1Word

1Day 1Word



There are a lot of different words with non-trivial meanings or not so widespread words which most people don't know. So if you want to widen your vocabulary with such words and gain the character of a true erudite - welcome to our special educational app 1Day 1Word! Find out a new word everyday and expand your spoken vocabulary! 

HOW TO USE: You will get 1 word with its meaning explanation every day. Set the most comfortable time of reminder about a word of a day or disable the reminder function. Use the calendar or a list of last words to refresh in mind some of them. 

1Day 1Word features: 
- New social sharing button;
- Possibility to turn on/of push messages;
- Quick access to your recently-viewed words;
- Sorting by date & status;
- Randomly revealed word check;
- Wide range of words from different fields;
- Detailed and comprehensive explanations; 
- Polysemic words with all meanings;
- Easy and comfortable navigation. 

Widen your vocabulary spending just a few minutes a day with our 1Day 1Word app!