Ocean Archaeologist

Ocean Archaeologist



Dive into the exciting adventure with Ocean Archaeologist and dig out the next piece of the ancient puzzle at the bottom of the ocean!

HOW TO PLAY: First you need to discover the remains of the great old ships. Just start digging and try to gather all the parts of a ship. Otherwise, you can't fix the archaeological artifact. Then you need to restore crashed masts, posts, rudders lines and keels. The number of pieces will constantly increase. And, by the way, some pieces may be unnecessary for the completion. So, you've got an excellent chance to train your attentive span and logical thinking while solving the ocean quest. We guarantee that marine archaeology has never been so exciting!

Ocean Archaeologist features:
- Underwater quests against time;
- Raising of ships from the bottom of the ocean;
- Gather a great collection of artifacts;
- Establish new records!

Take part in the investigation!