Obscure Words - Droll Toshness

Obscure Words - Droll Toshness



Every language is a whole sophisticated world with its hidden places, unexplored islands and Terra novas. Only smart, brave and intelligent explorers have a chance to reach them. Obscure Words - Droll Toshness gives you an opportunity to explore all far places and corners of the world of English. Singular expressions, obsolete words and specific terms - you can meet the most surprising vocables! Obscure Words - Droll Toshness is your chance to broaden your knowledge of English lexis and the chance of many obsolete terms to be resurrected. Sport your knowledge!

HOW TO PLAY: The only thing you should do is to choose the correct definition of the given obscure word. There are 3 modes: 1.Learning 2. Timed 3.10 words. Each is with 6 different levels. You can read more about each word, following the given link.

Obscure Words - Droll Toshness features:
- A lot of odd words and vocables you've never met;
- 3 different modes (Learning, Timed and 10 words);
- Both entertaining and useful time-spending.

Learn many new words, replenish your own vocabulary in a very enthralling way! Became the most outstanding explorer of the English and sport your knowledge everywhere! Nosce lingua anglicus!