Nursery Rhymes Collection

Nursery Rhymes Collection



English poesy for children is the true perfect diamond among the similiar. But let us introduce its faceted variant  - Nursery Rhymes Collection which has collected a lot of popular, famous, storied and recognized rhymes born in the golden era of the UK's infant versification. The great amount of poems, pieces of poetry, lullabies, songs, counting-out games and tongue-twisters - all these indefeasible parts of classical children literature are in Nursery Rhymes Collection. And there's no need to keep the heavyweight and massive book with you everywhere.

Nursery Rhymes Collection is a sterling miscellany with clear table of contents. It includes 5 chapters:
- Poetry;
- Songs;
- Lullabies;
- Counting-out games
- Tongue-twisters.

Then you can choose any composition you want and read it. Delight your child and acquaint him or her with the oeuvre traditional classics at the same time.

FEATURES of Nursery Rhymes Collection:

- The essential golden collection of English folklore poetry;
- 5 chapters with different forms of versification for any taste;
- Uncommon theme of chrestomathy.