Numbers 4 Preschoolers

Numbers 4 Preschoolers



Numbers 4 Preschoolers is an amazing educational app for preschoolers to learn numbers and basic arithmetic will allow your child to study math with fun! 

In Numbers 4 Preschoolers app you can play four minigames: 
1. Learning Numbers: in this minigame you could see a number written on the screen and an amount of cute animals equal to this number. Moreover, there are voice recordings spelling numbers in English. Swipe the numbers and try remember them all!
2. Tracing Numbers: follow the line of stars and trace the number to learn all of them in writing. 
3. Counting Animals: you should count all funny animals on the screen and find a right answer among numbers done below. If you are wrong you will see the correct answer. 
4. Funny Arithmetic: select an arithmetic operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) and level of difficulty. You will see an exersise and should try to solve it and find the correct answer from set of numbers at the bottom of the screen. 

Numbers 4 Preschoolers features: 
- Funny and interesting way to learn numbers and arithmetic operations for preschool children;
- Bright graphics will definitely captivate your child; 
- Coherently increasing difficulty for smart education. 

Playing these bright and colorful minigames will help your child to grasp the arithmetic basics and to be successful at school!