Night Sky Type

Night Sky Type



Take part in the desperate warfare in our typing game Night Sky Type! Improve your typing skills and defeat enemies! 

Murderous aero fight starts right now. The only way to resist foes is to destroy their aicrafts before they destroy you. Shoot at them by typing their names and win in this epic struggle! 

HOW TO PLAY: You are the bravest pilot in the aerospace forces. You have to stand against the hostile aircrafts. Type the name of the aircraft using your keyboard. When the word is properly typed the aircaft will be struck by the shot and destroyed. Try to be fast and perfectly correct. Gather the highest typing speed and fire your projectiles! 

Night Sky Type features: 
- Unusual typing trainer; 
- Breathtaking gameplay for all fans of war games; 
- Awesome space surroundings;
- Improve your skills and have fun. 

Struggle and win - ideal typing trainer with unusual gameplay.