NEWord is an educational app for all ages, which will help you to learn the basic words of foreign language you can use in a casual conversation. Two languages are available: Russian and English. Study five words every day and in quite a short period of time you would be able to keep the conversation with a foreigner or to travel abroad without problems!

HOW TO USE: First choose your language and the language you study. You can set the amount of words you want to study every day. All the words are divided into categories. Choose any category you want to study today. Now you can start the lesson. Read and remember the new word, it’s transcription and the example of use. Then press the button and have a mini test to check how well did you learn this and the previous words. There’s a dictionary, where you can find all the word given in the app.
You can also choose the exam mode: set the amount of words to check and complete the test. In the settings you can see how many words you’ve learnt and how many are left. 

NEWord features:
- Learn new words every day;
- Transcriptions and examples of use are provided;
- Check your knowledge completing the test;
- Educational app appropriate for all ages;
- Supports Apple Watch.