Musician Ear Trainer

Musician Ear Trainer



Musician Ear Trainer is a unique application for those who want to improve their listening skills. Developed by professional musicians, the app contains a set of exercises which are useful for beginning musicians as well as for professionals to sharpen their ear for music. Musician Ear Trainer offers you to test and improve your skills in musical intervals, tempo recognizing, chords recognizing and more! Try various music instruments to make your training even more effective!

HOW TO USE: There you have a piano. You can play on it in free mode or test your skills and try interval exercise. Press Start button and listen to the music interval, after that try to repeat it. If you can't repeat this one, switch to another.

Musician Ear Trainer features:
 - Intervals exercises;
 - Developed by professional musicians;
 - Essential for beginners;
 - Nice-looking interface;
 - High quality sounds.

Musician Ear Trainer is your personal teacher that will help you learn more about the endless world of music.