Multilingual Lab

Multilingual Lab



English is a native language for more than three hundred millions of people. Its role in intercultural communication and information exchange is hard to overestimate. Knowing English gives you an opportunity to get information from various sources from all over the world. You won't get in trouble abroad if you can speak it and understand it. That's why learning English is so important for your kids. 

We present to you Multilingual Lab, an effective educational app created for those who want to learn English without paying money to a tutor. It offers you a set of lessons, tests and exercises adapted for kids. It includes a lot of useful information concerning English grammar and vocabulary. Your kids will like it!

HOW TO USE: Improve your grammar and vocabulary by doing various exercises: fill in the gaps, classify words into categories, practice spelling and etc.

Multilingual Lab features:
- Improve your English by doing exercises;
- All exercises are adapted for beginners;
- A lot of information concerning English grammar and vocabulary;
- User-friendly interface for your kids to use it easily.

Try out Multilingual Lab and educate your kids with pleasure!