Moon Atlas And Maps

Moon Atlas And Maps



Everyone wants to visit the Moon, and now you dreams can come true with Moon Atlas And Maps! Here you will find four different high resolution maps and about one hundred named formations. Just select the area and you can easily zoom in and out by pinching. The Moon walking has never been so exciting!

HOW TO USE: Choose the object you are interested in and learn more about it. It could be any Moon formation - lunar sea, crater, cross, mountains, etc. Moon Atlas And Maps marks the spot and names all major lunar objects. Moreover for the most curious ones there are numerous links to get more information.

Moon Atlas And Maps features:
- Educational app for all the family;
- Four maps with high resolution; 
- User-friendly interface for step by step exploring; 
- Perfect graphics.

Moon Atlas And Maps provides the ideal pocket guide for observing the Moon without binocular or telescope kit! Snatch an opportunity to explore the surface of the Moon just playing our new cognitive app!