Maths Class

Maths Class



A wonderful app for checking your math competency or drilling for the future best result! Train your brain to perform computations and tasks enjoying a pleasant art style that we invented for you! 

The idea of Maths Class app is in simulation of passing different classes; each level is a class, and when you succeed, you graduate! The application performed in a pleasant design will give you the opportunity to develop your quantitative skills in a comfort and entertaining way enjoying mathematical arcade!

HOW TO USE: There are 12 classes. Click on the first and start! When you succeed, another one will be available. You can always restart the level.

Maths Class features:
- Beautiful colors and pleasant design;
- 12 classes;
- The possibility to restart the test;
- Background music; the possibility to switch it off.

Don't let your brain rust with Maths Class app!