Math Tricks Fun

Math Tricks Fun



Forget difficulties while doing math exercises! There are some methods how to solve it quicker! Math Tricks Fun – a math learning app that will never leave you in the lurch! Learn and use math tricks, become the best student in your class! 

Math Tricks Fun contains various math tricks for different math fields and situations: 
- squaring numbers in your head;
- estimations of square roots;  
- easy division with 7.  

You can choose one of three modes: 
- Learning; 
- Competition; 
- Fun. 

HOW TO PLAY: Just pick a trick and tap it! Use keyboard on the screen to type answer and tap the check button to see whether you have answered correctly. In Competition mode you have limited amount of time to answer each question, try to count fast. Statistics screen will help you to keep track of your progress. 

Math Tricks Fun features: 
- different modes: Learning, Competition and Fun;
- solve all equations as fast as possible and set your own records;
- indicators which show, how successful you are: time and number of right answers;
- various math tricks for different math fields and situations: squaring numbers in your head, estimations of square roots,  easy division with 7;
- option of turning sound effects and music off and on.

Use Math Tricks Fun and surprise your friends and classmates with rapidity of your calculations!