Math Training

Math Training



Mathematics is defined as the science of numbers and figures. Math Training will help you to recollect different arithmetical operations. It can be also used as math tutorial for children, because there are different levels of varying difficulty. Cartoony animation will captivate children for hours.
In Math Training you should solve different equations: Addition and Substraction, Multiplication and Division, Percents, Powering & Rooting, Subtraction Of Decimals and Brackets. Each part consists of 20 questions. 

Tap the screen to chose answer and tap the check button to see whether you have answered correctly.  You have limited time to answer each question, try to count fast. Statistics screen will help you to keep track of your progress. 

Key Features of Math Training:
- different arithmetical operations;
- solve all equations as fast as possible and set your own records;
- indicators which show how successful you are: time and number of right answers; 
- every part includes 20 questions of varying difficulty;
- option of turning sound effects and music off and on.

At all times it's imperative to be able to master basic mathematical tasks.  With Math Training your child will be interested in mathematics and will solve different equations instead of watching TV.