Math Pony Race

Math Pony Race



Take part in sophisticated educational competition in Math Pony Race app! Become a mathematical jockey and lead your cute pony to the victory! All you need is to solve math problems and find the correct answers to all questions. 

How to play: choose your pony and start the race. Choose the difficulty level, solve math problems you will see on the screen, try to be quick and unmistakable. Every correct answer will make your pony accelerate and get it closer to finish, every mistake will lead to slow down and lag behind your rivals. 

Math Pony Race features: 
- Intellectual race with cute colorful ponies;
- Improve your counting skills and strengthen your math knowledge;
- You need to solve math problems as fast as possible to win the race;
- Perfectly fits for primary school. 

Find a solution to every math problem and make your pony a champion of Math Pony Race intellectual game!