Math — Getting Started

Math — Getting Started



Everyone knows that math is very complicated thing to understand. It is known that if you want to be able to cope with math, its formulas and rules, you have to start learning math from childhood. 

Math – Getting Started is a perfect application for parents who want to start to teach their kids with basic principles of math! This app will be a very useful assistant for you. You can teach your kids with basic figures, how to write and count them. All information is deliberately collected for preschool level. So it would be easy to take a closer look at math in form of a game. All games are presented in graphical form, so there will be no problem with writing and understanding abstract figures. We guarantee that your child will definitely enjoy the game and get some knowledge which will help him in future school years. Just imagine how cool it is when your child already knows something before the other children in his class. 

HOW TO PLAY: Math – Getting Started is very easy to use. Just start the game and let your child complete given objectives. 

Math – Getting Started features:
- Amazing educational assistant for parents;
- Start learning math from the very early years;
- Addictive and exciting gameplay;
- Learn figures and basic principles and rules;
- Preschool level.

Math – Getting Started is very hard thing to be studying at school with other kids in class, so it would be a benefit if you start teaching your child before the school!