Matching Animals

Matching Animals



You know children are very curious creatures and they are always thirst for new knowledge. We offer you to initiate your little explorer into the world of animals! Be ready to have a lot of interesting moments! Matching Animals is a very funny but really useful educational application for toddlers and children. It contains over 30 different animals and hours of fun for you and your kid. Let him enjoy this great puzzle game surrounded by a lot of animals: giraffe, snake, dog, mouse, elephant, lion, pig, whale, cow, cat, turtle, tiger and many many others are waiting here. 

HOW TO PLAY: Matching Animals has two modes.
- First mode is that the player should find correctly animal's back part for its forebody. Be attentive and choose the right one among five variants;
- Second mode offers you to assemble zoo puzzle using several pieces;

Matching Animals features:
- Awesome graphics that your kid will adore;
- Animals from all around the world, your kid will feel like he/she is in the zoo;
- It’s not just fun: your kid will develop his/her knowledge while playing this game;
- It is interactive: you kid will have to use both his/her brain and hands to win.

 Be sure this game won’t make your kid boring! Furthermore, it’s not too challenging but it can definitely help your kid develop little grey cells and hand motorics. So, here you go, no need to think about it twice, press the download button and let your kid start learning the animal kingdom.