Match The Color

Match The Color



We are sure you know all the basic colors and can easily name them. But if we perplex the task a bit, how successfully will you manage it? Match The Color - RGB Balance is the game which checks your attention, speed and accuracy. Are you tired of ordinary puzzles which get you bored? Today we are glad to offer you something really entertaining and useful! 

These are three things that you need to cope with the task:
- Prepare your ATTENTION!
- Try to be as ACCURATE as you can!

HOW TO PLAY: You have a picture with the color and three sliders which regulate the color spectrum. Try to guess the right color moving the sliders until you think you found the appropriate one. You have only 15 seconds to do this! Do you think this puzzle is easy? 

Match The Color - RGB Balance features:
- Learn all the colors with our entertaining and useful app;
- Train your attention and accuracy;
- Enjoy its easy gameplay! Play with your kids or friends;
- Great time-killer in any company;
- Modern styled puzzle;
- Intuitive controlling.

Match The Color - RGB Balance: train your brain, learn new colors, play with your friends!