Match the Animals - Educational Puzzle

Match the Animals - Educational Puzzle



Cute bugs are willing to play with you and teach you some new skills. Train your memory and attention together with funny little creatures in a new entertaining and developmental game Match the Animals - Educational Puzzle. This game is designed especially for kids, but it will be really useful for all ages. Check your memory and try to match the cards with maximum speed!

Just look at these fascinating bugs! There are lots of them – grasshoppers, lady bugs, dragonflies and many others! Every bug wants to be unique but your mission will be remember and find identical heroes. Some of them look like twins but be attentive! Only the most attentive and precise can see the differences. The further you go the more complicated tasks become. Start from the regular shape matching and proceed to the high difficulty level with funny bugs.

Match the Animals FEATURES: 
- Bright and useful matching game; 
- Great edutainment adventure; 
- Memorize all cute bugs; 
- Increasing difficulty; 
- Easy levels with geometrical forms; 
- Lots of cards with insects.