MaQuiz Mobile

MaQuiz Mobile



MaQuiz Mobile is a functional and usable app to check your knowledge in maths. Solve math problems from simple arithmetic operations with addition to the most difficult such as operations with absolute value and exponents. Start with the first level corresponding to the first grade and step by step move forward to more complicated levels so then you will finally graduate! This app could be a perfect help in studying maths for school aged children or even for adults who wants to refresh in mind their math knowledge. 

HOW TO USE: Choose the type of operation to solve problems with: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any other one. Select the difficulty level and start solving problems you'll see on the screen. You can work problem out by hand using a special drawing space and choose the right answer from the options given. After choosing an answer you will see the correct one and go to the next exercise. Results of your test will be shown as diagram with percentage of correct answers, incorrect answers and unanswered questions. 

MaQuiz Mobile features: 
- Quite usable interface for effective maths studying; 
- Different difficulty levels for every type of operation; 
- Special drawing space for working problems out; 
- Practical and demonstrative way to show the results - a pie chart.