Make A Choice

Make A Choice



There are many things which you don't know about. That's why puzzles and quizes are so popular nowdays. Make A Choice is a new version of question games. Visualization is a great way to remember new information better, so we have created a new app with pictures, which will help you to learn something new. 

HOW TO PLAY: Choose a question and select the right picture. You can see your results after the game. It is possible to try again, just use the button Restart. Save your results, if you want to continue the game later. Time is limited and you have three lifes. If you loses all lifes, the game is over.

Useful indicators show your progress:
- Timer
- Number of lifes
- Score

Challenge your knowledge and learn to make the right choice. Colorful visualization of Make A Choice will help you to spend time with use and fun.